We are an executive match firm.

We partner with founders, brands, and private equity firms to provide them with the perfect match for growth and value creation at the VP, C-Level, and Board of Directors.


“Working with Helen and her team has been a phenomenal experience. Their understanding of what our growing team needs, as well as a keen understanding of the industry itself coupled with access to a rich talent pool across the US has been crucial to our success. Additionally, the level of service and professionalism the Clearpath team has exhibited has made working together a streamlined and simple process even with difficult search criteria.

CEO & President, Sprinkles


We value relationships
over everything.

We serve as ambassadors for emerging brands--connecting them with the leaders they need to build their businesses and change the world. Our collaborative, tenacious, and modern approach to talent acquisition empowers us to surface the right candidates--faster.


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"The Clearpath team are real, authentic,
power players in executive search."

President & COO


We serve the industry leaders
of today & tomorrow.

From emerging restaurant brands to multibillion dollar retailers, we have experience serving the industry leaders everybody knows--and the ones they're soon to know. 

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"Clearpath is highly effective and delivers. Their attention to detail is remarkable and they produce results. What more can you ask from a strategic partner?"



We put a full team on every search.

Instead of just one recruiter working on your search, you'll have a full team at your service.  We find this collaborative, modern approach to be faster, more effective, and ultimately, more inspiring for our team and yours. 

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